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17 juli 2020


ExhibitionsKitchenDishwashersOven cabinetKitchen appliances

conveying, where possible, in this rather gloomy and dull time, a sense of joy, warmth, irony, sensuality and optimism … and this is exactly the starting point when I began to imagine a standard kitchen hood … as a design object, which brings something particularly surprising to the kitchen space, brightness and exuberant palette of colors. “By Pescecappa, architect Gaetano Pesce. Exhibitions

May 01, 2014 News from the EuroCucina 2014 exhibition of kitchen furniture and built-in appliances in Milan. The main design novelty of Indesit was the Hotpoint-Ariston line with Diamond Clean technology. Ovens, gas hobs and stainless steel cooker hoods are made with the latest fashion in mind, and thanks to a special coating, they are extremely easy to clean.


The Hotpoint-Ariston brand also presented: induction burners with adjustable power and heat distribution, allowing you to cook up to four dishes at the same time; hob with Flexizone technology, which “distinguishes” between pots and pans and differentiates the power level and cooking temperature; open cooking zones for so-called HD food processing, as well as multifunctional, fast and safe microwave ovens.

Also worth mentioning is the incredibly quiet range hoods from this brand. This year, a new product was presented in this segment – a revolutionary hood with OdourRemoval odor removal technology, which absorbs up to 96% of odors, which is 2 times higher than the performance of traditional hoods.The ZoneWash feature was introduced to the dishwasher line, which increases the work intensity by choosing one basket, in which the dishwashing process will be concentrated.

From the novelties of refrigeration technology, the company presented models with a MultipleTemperatureZone (MTZ) compartment, which allows you to keep food fresh during freezing and defrosting with the most improved protection against harmful microorganisms.


In the Indesit zone, the Advance range was demonstrated, symbolizing practicality and convenience in the kitchen: an oven with Push-Push switches, an extremely easy to install and operate hood with three operating modes and an energy-saving lighting system, as well as an induction hob with power regulation for cooking food 25% faster than a conventional gas burner and protects against burns.The home appliances in the PrimeGlass range from Indesit were designed by the design masters GiugiaroDesign.

Among the most interesting products of the Indesit brand, this year is the Graffiti refrigerator. Thanks to the special coating, presented in snow-white and glossy black, the refrigerator can be used as a board for writing thoughts, for drawings, for making a shopping list.

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December 05, 2014 The furniture (and kind of non-core) exhibition turned out to be rich in new items of kitchen appliances. Italian manufacturers SMEG presented their new collections.

For SMEG, one of the main premieres was a collection of small household appliances in the style of the 50s. Another was a series of products in exclusive Victoria design. The updated collections of the SMEG design series were also shown: Coloniale, Cortina, Linea.

The minimalist LINEA series was supplemented by a multifunctional oven with pyrolysis function, 60 cm wide, SFP140N.

For some reason, the general public is not aware of this direction of SMEG activity. And in vain, SMEG kitchen mixers look very impressive.

Coloniale series. Built-in microwave oven, 60 cm wide x 38 cm high, MP822PO.

Coloniale series. Multifunctional oven, anthracite color.

Retractable water intake hose.

Another Coloniale series. Classic style.

Coloniale series. The glass can be removed from the oven door and can be easily washed.

VICTORIA series – multifunctional ovens with “Pizza” function and hobs. Available in black, cream, white and in this case stainless steel

VICTORIA series. Well, what can be a classic kitchen without a gas stove?

The Cortina series, developed in collaboration with the master blacksmith Giancarlo Candeago. The series has been expanded with new compact appliances in white and brass colors.

Cortina series in brass colors “

Handles are embellished with Swarovski crystals.

Updated line of refrigerators. Left – cream freestanding 4-door side-by-side refrigerator, 92CM wide, FQ60CPO. On the right is a side-by-side cream freestanding refrigerator, 90CM wide, SBS8004PO. In the center – the famous Fiat “SMEG500R” in red.

The Smeg FQ60CPO is extraordinarily spacious due to the fact that its refrigerator compartment does not have an internal partition (width 83 cm), and an additional multi-zone located at the bottom can be used for both the refrigerator and the freezer compartment.

For the first time in Russia, a collection of small household appliances SMEG in the style of the 50s is shown.

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On May 08, 2016 Electrolux demonstrated new developments in the category of large household appliances at the international exhibition of kitchen furniture EuroCucina 2016. Among the most interesting we would like to note the CombiSteam Pro Smart oven, Electrolux Blast Chiller household shock freezer and the ComfortLift RealLife dishwasher.

The CombiSteam Pro Smart oven belongs to the increasingly popular area of ​​interactive household appliances. In this case, interactivity is provided by the CookView webcam built into the oven. The camera transmits all data to the My Electrolux app and allows you to remotely control the preparation of dishes. You can control equipment remotely using a tablet or smartphone. In addition, you can share the process with your friends thanks to the “live broadcast” from the CombiSteam Pro Smart oven. Together with the SousVide low-temperature cooking technology, the oven enables vacuum-sealed cooking at low temperatures to maximize the flavor and texture of ingredients.

Household cabinets for shock freezing are generally still a novelty as a class of equipment. Superfast freezing is good because it keeps the texture of the frozen product and its taste unchanged. The products will not lose their rich smell and vitamins, but will look so fresh and bright, as if you had not frozen them. In addition, if earlier it was necessary to wait about an hour until the temperature of a freshly baked soft cupcake in the “usual” way decreases from 175 ° c to 25 ° c, then the new household shock freezer allows you to do this in no more than 10 minutes. Thus, fresh soft baked goods will not have time to “reach” the state of a crusty bun.

The Dishwasher ComfortLift RealLife features a special built-in lift for the lower basket. This mechanism greatly simplifies the process of loading and unloading dishes – you do not have to bend your back unnecessarily. Plus, the new models can hold 20% more dishes than the average dishwasher. Also of interest is the improved Glass basket. Rubber holders and clamps for wine glasses securely and neatly fix the dishes and prevent them from breaking.

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January 07, 2014 In the midst of the New Year holidays, the first major exhibition of the year started – CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, which is traditionally held in Las Vegas. World premieres include Samsung’s 26 kg front and top loading washing machines and dryers, as well as two new vacuum cleaners. Washing and drying machines Samsung WF9000 with front loading capacity of 26 and 46 kg, respectively, will quickly wash even the largest amount of items. Thanks to the increased drum size and SuperSpeed ​​technology, it was possible to increase the washing speed without losing efficiency. As a result, things will be washed in just half an hour. This set of front loading washer and dryer is designed for maximum convenience in working with your appliances. They are 10 cm higher than standard models, and the door with an increased diameter makes it easy to load and take out laundry. A palette of rich body colors complemented by stylish chrome accents and a more decorative control panel make the technology even more attractive. Samsung WF9000 is ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2014 certified, washer dryer and tumble dryer LED backlight saves energy.

Samsung WF9000 26 and 46 kg front-loading washer and dryer

The industry’s largest 26kg and 46kg Samsung WA9000 top-loading washers and dryers combine sleek design with power and convenience. Now you don’t have to bend over to get the washed items from the bottom of the washing machine. New items are lower and the interior is 8 cm wider than similar models. The WA9000 washing machine is equipped with the latest AquaJet technology, thanks to which the cleaning agent reaches the clothes with a concentrated stream of water, is evenly distributed trustove.com and better penetrates the fabric. Among the advantages of the new products is the stylish appearance of the metal-colored body with blue LED-backlighting and chrome elements around the control panel.

In terms of vacuum cleaners, the show featured the new Samsung Motion Sync VU7000 with the innovative Full Detachable Handheld feature. It allows you to use an additional removable compact vacuum cleaner with its own motor, located on the handle of the main unit, for better and more convenient cleaning of any corner of the house. CycloneForce multi technology with 9 mini cyclones reliably removes dust from the house without losing suction power. The second, vertical model Samsung VU7000 was developed in accordance with the concept of Motion Sync Design, which Samsung introduced in Europe last fall. The swivel brush and large wheels of the vacuum cleaner provide unrivaled maneuverability and ease of operation. In 2014, Samsung will also introduce the Samsung Motion Sync canister vacuum cleaner to the market.


Kitchen appliances LG Studio

LG has contributed to the development of the premium kitchen appliances segment. This year, the company teamed up with leading decorator and designer Nate Berkus to position LG Studio as a premium home appliance solution and, at the same time, as a personalized add-on that makes the consumer’s home truly their own. LG Studio includes a full range of modern kitchen appliances, including ovens, built-in ovens, hobs, microwaves and dishwashers. Each piece in this carefully crafted line has a consistent and contemporary design. Rather than being a combination of individual appliances, all products in the LG Studio family have been specially designed and manufactured to be part of a complete range of kitchen appliances.

Topping LG’s luxury kitchen collection is the 42-inch Side-by-Side refrigerator with an impressive 750-liter capacity – the largest in its class. LG also unveiled its three-door refrigerator with a capacity of about 707 liters with a Door-in-Door minibar that can be opened with the push of a button. The entire LG Studio set is designed so that the outer refrigerator doors are flush with the kitchen cabinets and tables.

The new LG Studio built-in refrigerator offers ample storage space and a host of smart organizational features to help users tailor the available space to their own needs. LG’s new model also features an innovative SpacePlus ice maker that has been relocated to the door of the appliance, which frees up space at the top of the chamber. The LG Ice and Water Dispenser spout is designed to accommodate containers and jars up to 23 cm high. The LG Integrated Refrigerator comes with adjustable shelves and door baskets, and a variety of drawers allow you to change placement based on your needs. Interior illuminated by LEDs and finished in brushed stainless steel, this refrigerator is as modern as it is functional.

Built-in refrigerator LG Studio

New technologies include LG Smart Cooling Plus with a unique dual evaporator that responds quickly to changes in humidity and temperature to keep food fresh. Digital sensors in the “freshness zone” also monitor these changes, helping to maintain the optimal storage temperature. In addition, Fresh Air Filter and Multi-Air Flow vents located in each section surround all food with cold air. The Studio series refrigerators are highly energy efficient as all models are based on the LG Inverter Linear Compressor, which is one of the four key technologies of the company.

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May 15, 2014 The first in Russia scientific and technical exhibition “Ball of Robots” (will be held until June 15). Companies-developers and distributors presented their mechanical assistants “started in Moscow. Moreover, these were by no means conceptual samples of technology of the future, but working devices that could be bought (of course, the cost of individual masterpieces can be very high, but nevertheless …).

LG Electronics (LG), the general technology partner of the show, showcased its smartest robot vacuum cleaner with a square design, the LG HOM-BOT Square. In terms of its intellectual abilities, the LG HOM-BOT Square robot is probably not inferior to the new curiosity rover – like the rover, LG HOM-BOT Square can operate completely autonomously. It uses the advanced Dual Eye 2.0 ™ camera system to navigate to create a smarter, faster and more efficient cleaning path. Shooting up to 30 frames per second, the top and bottom cameras efficiently scan ceilings, walls and floors, even in the dark. The information received is analyzed by the robot to create an efficient cleaning map. Ultrasonic and infrared sensors detect even transparent obstacles, and the vacuum cleaner’s Dual Eye 2.0 ™ cameras scan rooms and draw an accurate plan, even in low light. In addition, LG HOM-BOT Square is equipped with a learning function that allows it to memorize areas and obstacles that have already been cleaned, which allows you to minimize cleaning time without unnecessary repetitions.Add a voice message with more than 90 voice commands and intelligent self-diagnosis that simplifies solving technical problems.